Jinan Leave-In Conditioner (16 oz) & Imani Locking Spray (16 oz)

Jinan Leave-In Conditioner (16 oz) & Imani Locking Spray (16 oz)

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Gift Set: (Large) Jinan Leave-In Conditioner + Imani Locking Spray

offered now until further notice.

The Jinan Leave-In Conditioner works wonders alongside the Imani Locking Spray. After washing locs and hair with the Yasin Shampoo apply the Jinan Leave-In Conditioner generously throughout roots and actual locs. Massage the oils into the scalp. The combination of the Rosewater, Argan Oil and Coconut Oil nourishes the hair and overtime keeping locs manageable and soft. 

Afterwards, spray the Imani Locking Spray on each area before twisting or interlocking. The Imani Locking Spray provides a perfect level of hold and decreasing grooming and dryer time. The hold is never excessive, sticky, or hard. 

This gift set is perfect because the two products work so well together during a grooming session; moisture + hold.


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