Entire Dr Locs Line (original sizes)

Entire Dr Locs Line (original sizes)

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Enjoy all 5 of the Dr. Locs Product Line (35% off).

Original Sizes:

Pre-Cleanse (8 oz) 

Yasin Shampoo (8 oz) ***

Jinan Leave-In Conditioner (8 oz)

Imani Locking Spray (8 oz)

Yaya Oil (4 oz)  


Once your package arrives, take a look at our Easy "How To Use" page for suggestions on usage here: 


We believe locs should be light weight as with loose hair. Never heavy full of waxes, gels or creams. The purpose of the Dr. Locs' product line is to keep locs both clean and nourished through the lightest all natural mixtures. 

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*** A new size.

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