Why Dr. Locs?


Why Dr. Locs?

Dr. Locs products are turning the tide in innovative natural hair maintenance, with a fresh focus that has people talking. Born out of a need in the loc community, by solving a problem that seemed to be insurmountable, and tackling the negative societal stigma and prejudice directed at people with locs. Now with over 50,000 bottles sold, growing national and international attention and acclaim, people and potential partners are asking why Dr. Locs?

The Woman Behind The Brand 

Dr. Locs is the brain child of renown loctician Chimere Faulk. Chimere originally became known as the The Natural Hair Lady for her skills as a natural hair stylist and loctician in the Atlanta area, adding features in magazines, like Ebony, Essence & Elle, and guest speaking roles in world natural hair shows, to her credit along the way. She taught people to love the beauty of natural hair while traveling across the country to work with eager clients. She has a passion for teaching her unique approach to the cultivation and maintenance of natural hair in every form when training fellow hair stylists, infusing them with her passion. 

The Need

Chimere has always been a supporter of fellow natural hair care owners and start-ups, always directing clients to use products currently on the market that she thought to be beneficial. A problem arose when her clients, especially her clients with locs, would continuously be disappointed with the results. Nothing is more disheartening to a stylist than seeing your own advice not serve your customers, and then having to deal with the monster that lingers behind. The monster that plagues natural hair is the residue and build-up left behind from creams, waxes and gels that are the basses of most natural hair products. 

The Execution 

Through 3 years of research, and testing trails by her own clientele, consort from a master chemist, and tons of surveys and feed back, the first bottle of Dr. Locs was made available for purchase. Now, with an exclusive boutique salon, 15 retailer affiliates domestically and internationally, shipping to 100 countries around the world, the Dr. Locs brand stands alone as the only all natural complete hair system designed specifically for locs and the first product for locing hair without the use of a cream, wax, gel or paste. Dr. Locs stands alone in the field of light, clean & build-up free hair maintenance.  

The 5 products that make up the Dr. Locs hair system include:

Pre-cleanse - a mixture of astringents and oils to protect the hair while stripping away build-up, residue, lent, dandruff, and debris from hair. 

Yasin Shampoo - a sulfate-free mixture of cleansers and oils to clean hair and scalp without adding residue. 

Jinan Leave-In Conditioner - a light and deep moisturizing mixture of targeted oils and rose water for ultra hydration and total hair and scalp reconditioning. 

 Imani Locking Spray - an innovating light spray for loc starting and on-going retwist maintenance that uses evaporation technology to give hair a light flexible and strong bond. 

Yaya Oil - a special blend of natural oils bonded together to reduce viscosity and increase saturation to provide deep lasting moister to the root of the hair. 


  • We believe that the love and care we put into our brand comes through when people use our product.  

Every Batch Of Product is 100% handman, hand bottled, hand labeled, inspected and hand wrapped every day before shipping.  

  • We believe that our commitment to our customers shouldn’t stop at just natural ingredients.

100% Natural, Vegan, cruelty free, with plant derived preservatives, and no harsh chemicals, no alcohol, no sulfates, no dyes, and no artificial fragrances or additives. 

  • We believe that endless feedback from our customers and our community will make us infinitely better.

We constantly innovate, adapt, and change with our customers from their reviews, comments and emails which we read and review weekly as a company. 

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