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Enjoy all 5 of the Dr. Locs Product Line [1 oz of the entire line]

Interested in trying us? Sure! We'd love to offer our trial kit which includes a 1 oz bottle of the Jinan Leave-In Conditioner, the Pre-Cleanse, the Yasin Shampoo, the Imani Locking Spray, and the Yaya Oil. 

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We believe locs should be light weight as with loose hair. Never heavy full of waxes, gels or creams. The purpose of the Dr. Locs' product line is to nourish the hair and to help stop build-up. 

Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

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Natural Hair Industry Convention 2016

Back in March of this year, The Natural Hair Industry Convention invited Chimere Faulk, also known as The Natural Hair Lady to take over it's Periscope. In the periscope, she discussed, "Creating Products from Behind the Chair." 

The Natural Hair Industry Convention is a major event designed for natural hair care professionals to develop a platform for the natural hair industry. As the Board of Cosmetology is steadily getting acclimated to this new world of natural hair, the Natural Hair Industry Convention works to maintain integrity and education the public can depend on now and for the future. 

Chimere, the Owner of Dr Locs, outlined several challenges, discoveries, and successes accomplished during her 3 year journey developing, Dr Locs. Dr Locs is a product line she designed specifically for her clients with locs. Dr Locs is now internationally known for providing the moisture the loc community had desired for so long. 

Chimere desires to create close business relationships with locticians around the world.The product line is something she feels that will allow many loc'd people around the world feel more confident when deciding to lock their hair.  Please take a look at what others have to say: Dr Locs Reviews


Dreadlocks can be traced to just about every civilization in history,” says Chimere Faulk, an Atlanta-based natural hair stylist and owner of Dr Locs.

Dr Locs was featured in recently. Ebony writer, Princess Gabbara, recently interviewed Chimere on the history of dreadlocks. The article covered the history as well as healthy tips for starting and maintaining locs. Chimere and other internet figures in the loc community were able to cover a few loc/dreadlock myths  as well. Check out the article here:

Ebony article on History of Dreadlocks