Loc Tips

Here's a few tips that are commonly asked throughout the journey of grooming and styling locs. 


Try Not To Air Dry

Try not to make a habit out of air drying your locs. Overtime, from continuous air drying, your locs will smell sour. Have you ever smelled towels that've dried inside a bag? Yes, that smell.  You have to remember your locs are bundles of hair matted together. To avoid mold, your hair must be free of solidified substances. To avoid a sour stench, dry locs under a hood dryer or a hand dryer.

Never Over Coil at the Roots

There's a buzz online that there's a great way to groom locs without clips. This technique requires you to twist the loc until the roots are tightly coiled like a bed spring. This is highly not recommended. Overtime, this will break strands of hair that make the loc and eventually causing the loc or locs to weaken and break off. 

Instead, lay locs straight on the scalp when grooming. Think of loc grooming like making lasagna: you want the pasta to dry straight.

Proper Curly Sets for Locs

For setting locs, it's recommended to keep the following in mind:

  1. Leave the set in for a while. For example, if using pipe cleaners, and you leave them in for at least 3 days, the curls will stay in for about a month or longer. When using rollers or rods, you must stay under the dryer for a while (2+ hours). The time frame ALWAYS depends on the thickness and length of the locs.
  2. It isn't necessary to start with wet locs. You're actually making your job a lot harder if you start with wet locs because they will take forever to dry. It's recommended to set locs slightly damp to dry. One of the beauties of locs is that they naturally want to take the shape of whatever it's doing naturally; whether it be coiled, braided, bent----it will take that form.

Products Don't Make

Your Hair Loc Up

Keep this in mind. Scientifically, your hair will loc up naturally. When someone decides to loc, they naturally go pick up a product that will "make their hair loc," when in actuality it's both not necessary and possible. All that wax, cream, or buttered product is doing is holding your hair in place UNTIL your hair locs on its own. Most of the time, that substance solidifies inside each loc, creating a build-up. It's important to understand that your hair will loc up via one of two ways:

  1. Patience. With the technique coiling, you must have patience. Day by day, week by week, month by month, your locs are forming. Regardless of what product you use, it will loc in the same pace as it would without anything.
  2. Technique. Some techniques can speed up the process such as interlocking. Interlocking intertwines the hair together in a crochet like form so that it doesn't come undone. 

The Best Technique To Start Locs

There are several ways to start locs. The best technique to start your locs depends on these 3 things:

  1. Hair Texture. Consider how well your hair will take the technique you choose. Finer textures resist hold and textures with tighter coils want to matte faster. 
  2. Lifestyle. Take in consideration your work environment (will this hairstyle be excepted), physical activities (gym or pool activities etc), and daily responsibilities.  
  3. Patience Level. Keep in mind your expectations. Can I deal with the things associated with each technique? Think about how long it will take for your hair to loc with each technique you're considering and decide if you can handle it.