About Doctor Locs


Chimere Faulk originally became known as the The Natural Hair Lady for her skills as a natural hair stylist and loctician in the Atlanta area. She taught people to love their natural beauty, traveled across the country to work with eager clients, and trained fellow hair stylists, infusing them with her passion for natural hair. 

Although she always directed clients to use the best natural hair products currently on the market, her clients with locs would continuously be disappointed with the results. Products would stay within their locs/dredlocks thus creating a build-up. Unlike loose natural hair, locs/dredlocks try to "hold on to product." With loose hair, product can be washed out easily. One day she had enough and decided to use her knowledge of hair and her clients' requests create her own hair products. 

She gathered up a few ingredients from a local natural market and went to work in her kitchen. Her goal was to create a product to fix one of the most common problems with natural hair -- a product that doesn't create a build-up in the locs. 

Chimere came up with the perfect combination of nature’s oils and rosewater, and tested a few bottles on clients with the most difficult-to-manage hair. Her clients were thrilled with the results and immediately began begging for more to share with friends and family. Thus, Dr. Locs was born. 

The Dr. Locs line offers solutions for the loc and dreadlock community, and gives everyone the chance to experience beautiful and healthy natural locs for life.