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Maasai Tribe Championing Locs

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The Maasai (also known as Masai) tribe is one of the oldest African tribes known for their warrior locs. The Maasai tribe is an especially unique tribe found in Kenya not only due to its special cultural traditions but, because of their perseverance and commitment to preserving their culture despite all Western attempts to educate and influence their traditions and culture according to Western beliefs. They stood strong and held on tightly to their beliefs. This could explain why their tradition continues to flourish in Kenya until this very day.


At a certain age one reaches the Moran stage and begins to grow their locs. When a Maasai begins to grow his locs he begins to embody the symbol of a warrior. They also begin to dye their locs red with natural root extracts. Now there's a clever idea for natural hair dyes!


The Mau Mau of Kenya are famous for their revolts against imperialism. They aren't considered to be a tribe but more like a military collective against British rule. They used their locs as a form of intimidation against the Europeans. The warriors would hide in the mountains and jungles to surprise and conquer the Europeans who were invading their country. The tale goes that the British feared these warriors and the site of their locs would bring ‘dread’ into their hearts. Some believe this is where the term ‘dreadlocks’ is derived.


Photos of the Mau Mau rebellion reached Jamaica in the 1950s which had a great impact on the Rastafarian movement. The Rastafari movement utilized this symbol of strength and wore their locs with dignified pride. Now there's a good use of cultural exchange.

Here's How to Accurately Dry Your Locs

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Air drying your locs may seem convenient and advantageous, however do not be fooled by the ease of this timeless process for it will cost more damage to your clock and locs than you’d like to imagine.


Do not underestimate the importance of drying your locs after you wash them. All beautiful things in life come with care and patience, well at least most beautiful things do. After all, you think Monet’s Water Lilies (nympheas) series was painted in some short hours? We think not.


Taking care of your locs should be seen as a pleasurable ritual, it's all a matter of perspective. You can rush or neglect the drying process, or you can make the choice to wash your locs when you have the proper time to dry them as well.


If you leave your locs to dry on their own the moisture will breath far too long inside your locs and begin to birth and breed mildew. This type of mildew, “dread rot,” will most certainly, over time, emit a foul odor. Now, of course, it may not always be possible to dry your locs under a hand or hood dryer, but it is something worthy to offer time and attention to.


New locs will dry much faster than mature locs and therefore have lower risks in growing mildew, however, it's good to get into the right habits from your very first twist. Air drying is another common cause of flat locs.Especially if you are prone to washing your locs before bedtime, you are running at risk factor 8 (Now that's high on all accounts).  


To reduce time under the hood and heat, try to gently squeeze water out of your locs while you are still in the shower. If you already have long and mature locs you may have to do this several times before you’re completely satisfied with the reduced flow.


Another tip is to use an ultra absorbent towel, just make sure they are designed for locs and are lint free. While these tips may seem tedious at first, as soon as you get into the rhythm and flow, it will all come as naturally as scratching an itch!

Priceless Loc Care Tips

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Some of you ladies and men out there may be wondering how to take extra fine care of your locs. While it is essential to keep your locs healthy and cared for with the right natural products, there are also some priceless product-free techniques to maintaining a clean and majestic appearance.




As many of you may already know, your locs require some big time TLC, and hey, why shouldn't they, after all, it is your body, and if you’re not going to take tender care of yourself than who will?


Its rewarding and important to treat yourself with patience and gentleness. Some of us are quick to forget how contagious respect is in the hustle of our demanding lives. Your body will have physical reactions to stress and anxiety. Breakage, dandruff, and hair loss are some of the many typical side effects of anxiety. So, learn to take a step back and reflect on your behavior that may not always be positive and optimistic, and decide if your response is really necessary, or even worth it, we know your locs wont think so!


Sleeping with a silk night scarf to avoid breakage is another product-free way to take care of your locs. A silk scarf will protect your locs from the damage that your sheets and pillows may be causing to your locs. A silk scarf will also help retain the good moisture which nourishes your scalp and hair.


Massaging your scalp is not only relaxing and pleasing, but it also stimulates hair growth. All it takes is five minutes during some down time to keep your locs healthy and your fingers busy and your mind at ease.


Sydney J. Harris once said, “the time to relax is when you don't have time for it.” Now there’s something to consider the next time that big rush feeling floods in.